What is pHilogic?

Philogic is a Group of strategists, analysts and consultants dedicated to transforming human intelligence, technology, and energy into smart strategies, projects, and organizations. We are a cosmopolitan company powered by Millennial Genius equipped to create and optimize systems for any human entity in the world. We come with experience in corporate banking, law and legal procedure (incl. contracts and other agreements), business & non-profit development, marketing and political campaign management, organizing mass mobilizations, and sales. Cooperatively, we are:

  • Solutions Architects
  • Millennial Strategists
  • Logisticians
  • Analysts

Most importantly, we’re equipped with pHilogic.

pHilogic (n. idea) :

1A dynamic type and system of learning that expounds upon philosophical principles and queries for the purpose of studying sequences of causal objects.
2A mode of reasoning based on philosophic and scientific principles which can be universally applied in changing circumstances.
3The science of extrapolating systematic structures using applied quantum thinking to numerical and verbal units.

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