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pHilogic Mission Statement

The mission of pHilogic is to develop a workforce with human intel and technology that creates world class innovations, communities, and establishments.


The pHilogic Consulting Group is a consulting firm that designs and constructs healthy commercial enterprises, not-for-profits and political organizations.

  • Create efficient and lucrative systems –economic, social and governmental –that will advance national and international businesses and communities, their organizations, projects or enterprises, while improving the human condition.
  • Develop sizable intellectual and instructional capital through the development and acquisition of intellectual property and learning materials on behalf of both Clients and The Group (knowledge pool).
  • Create a highly diverse network of business firms, strategic business units (SBU), civic, social and governmental affiliates that employ The Group’s strategies and methods.

Our values are the veins that run throughout the entire organization. Utilizing our values, we fulfill our mission, objectives and strategies, not only for ourselves, but also our Clients. Each member of our organization commits themselves to upholding the values of the entire company… without fail.

  • Helpfulness | A lifestyle founded upon a deliberate commitment to duty, respect and appreciation of others.
  • Vision | A habit of consistently transforming apparent difficulties into opportunities by diffusing any perceptions of failure.
  • Creativity | The ability to perpetually cohere and translate solutions and ideas.
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